Legalize it

Rules on Pot

With the new ability to use pot now in many states we have to ask ourself “what is the benefit from before.”

That question is not easily answered. Depending on the state you are living in it will vary the benefits being what they are

California – With the passing of proposition #64 it made it legal as of November 9 2017 so you can do it if you would like but there are some weedrestrictions. First there is an age limit so you have to be 21 or older. With that you can have no more than 28.5 grams of marijuana or 8 grams of it in concentrate. You can not do it in public or anywhere smoking tobacco is restricted (if you have been to California then you know that means everywhere!) If you want to purchase it you have to go to a public dispensary and you have to have a note from a doctor. With that being said most of the dispensaries have a doctor that can write you a script right there. If you get some do not sell it because if you are caught it is a 100.00 fine but gifting it is ok.

Washington – If you are on private property it is ok to smoke weed in Washington DO NOT DO IT ANYWHERE ELSE. Because there are many places where it is still illegal to smoke marijuana in the state. It is Illegal in public and in general view for that fact. You cannot smoke it in any retail shops including the one you bought it from. Any hotel is included in this concert venues are also prohibited along with stadiums, bars, clubs, federal land and lounges. Also if you have it in the car do not smoke it even if you are parked!

Colorado – Is the loosest of all the states. There are more than 400 dispensaries located in the Colorado area. The times that pot can be sold in the state is from 8AM to Midnight. But it can vary from town to town. You can have up to one ounce or if you have a medical marijuana card pot / weedthen you can have 2 ounces on you at any time unless you are a non resident then you can only have .25 ounces on you. Just like the other states you cannot smoke it in public but there is a rise in marijuana friendly hotels. You do have to be over the age of 21 to get it legally in Colorado. You cannot consume or smoke by schools, parks, sidewalks, places of public transportation, venues, or roads so for the most part anywhere you cannot drink you cannot smoke pot. You can grow it yourself but you cannot have more than 12 plants in a residence and no more than 3 of them can be at the flowering stage at anytime.

Alaska – You can use weed in your own home but you cannot use it in public including venues, parks, playgrounds, national parks, sidewalks and businesses. Also you have to be 21 years old of age to use it. You can get a DUI in Alaska if you are driving and caught high. Also you can have up to six marijuana plants at any time. But only three of them can be in the flowering stage at any one time.

Washington D.C. – Smoking weed can be done in your home but not in club, bars or public. It is legal to have up to two ounces at any one time. You can grow up to 3 plants total at anytime. What you are not able to do is sell it or take donations. Also like everywhere else you can get a DUI Potif you are found high while driving. Be careful if you smoke out in public not only are you not able to do that but also twenty nine percent of the district is federally controlled and you do not want to be on federal land if you get caught.

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Remember it is still in conflict with the federal law so even know it is ok by state it is not ok by the Feds so following the state laws can get you into trouble. So follow this blog by your own risk